Location: Atelier dos Brinquedos

Toys are memory and they are even more than that: toys survive memory.

They say that the Land of Toys is inhabited by strange contraptions, “things” made of tin, wood, plastic, iron and fabric. But toys are apparently only things closed within their limits, things with a three-dimensional existence that underlines its material, palpable and tangible reality, achieved by the cohesion that rests in its folds and fittings, nails, glue, screws, pegs and notches.
Toys are also the infinite stories that each child builds for them while playing and letting themselves fall into their thousands of invisible centers. After the fall, the dive, it is in fact the child who, already inside the toy, transforms this inanimate thing into something “alive”, transgressing borders as if he were a little creative god. But if for children, toys are the door that opens to all possible and impossible things, for adults they can be the precious tools with which they can wake up memories, all they need is for them to have eyes that see, a heart that wants and some touching hands.


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