A) All alcoholic products available for local sale can only be purchased by people who are of legal age to do so.

B) All prices and other information presented online can be changed without prior notice and are always subject to existing stock.

C) Under the current Portuguese legislation, Pátio da Figueira de Antusil, Lda. Is obliged to add the value of VAT to the legal rates of 6%, 13% and 23% for all products. All prices include VAT.

D) If you need any utensil (washed towel, garbage bag, among others), it will be delivered, just ask.

E) Mandatory use of the Mask in closed spaces, except the bedroom.

F) If you experience fever, constant dry cough or shortness of breath, inform the reception immediately. Do not contact other customers.

G) It is forbidden to smoke inside the rooms and closed areas. Law 37/2007, of 14 August, amended by Law 109/2015, of 26 August and by Law 63/2017, of 3 August.

H) Leaving the room after 12:00, will imply the payment of another daily rate.

I) If you need to go out at night, please call 402 night service.

J) We appreciate that you respect the hour of silence (11 pm to 7 am), avoid noises and noises that may disturb you.

L) Please note that failure to comply with the agreed number of guests will result in a penalty of € 25 per extra guest.